How to Connect a Loud Bell or Strobe to your Phone

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If your business operates in a noisy environment and hearing the phone ring is difficult adding a loud ringer, bell or horn is an easy fix. The first thing to consider is how loud do you need the telephone alerting device to be. Telephone alerting devices come in a range of loudness from 80 to 110 dBA .  A good loud telephone bell using only telephone ringing voltage can provide up to 95 dBA  up to 10ft away.

Here is the run down on 3 different types of loud ringers or telephone alerting devices.

For the small office or professional office that needs an external ringer or chime

Wheelock manufactures several electronic telephone chimes. These chimes are high quality, compact signaling devices that easily connect to most phone systems and are perfect for any moderately noisy environments to have a loud telephone alert.

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For noisy environments such as auto repair or machine shops the Wheelock TelBells offer several different types of loud bells. The easiest to connect are the TB-593 loud telephone bells that only require telephone ringing voltage to operate. These bells have a standard RJ11 telephone jack that you connect to. The TB-593 delivers up to 95 dBA of loud ringing.

For larger and manufacturing applications, Wheelock manufactures loud horns with and without telephone strobes. The UTA1 and the UTA-WH-VPS with strobe light are easy to connect with an RJ11 standard telephone jack. The strobe requires 110V outlet.

To connect, use a T Adapter phone splitter from the phone line along with a phone cord with two RJ11 ends.  The RJ11 male ends are standard phone jack connections.

Simply plug the loud ringing device in to the splitter to get ringing voltage to the ringer.


For more information on telephone alerting and loud phone bells call 800-335-0229.



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