Benefits of Using an Emergency Response System

Get a free Design on an Emergency Response System. With the uncertainty of the world today, you never know when you might have a need for an emergency response system that you can use to contact employees and family members with instructions should the unthinkable happen. Too often situations get out of control because those on the outside of the situation have no idea what's going on or are unsure of what they should do; this can lead to conflicting orders being given, confusion setting in, and damage prevention plans not being put into effect until it is too late. By choosing to implement an emergency response system to handle such situations, you can help to keep these sort of incidents under control should they occur.

Automatic Messaging

One major benefit of implementing an emergency response system is that it can automatically send out a message to the telephones, cellular phones, and pagers of those who should be the first to be informed of the situation that is developing. Depending upon the emergency response system that you are using, you may be able to choose from several different messages which will relate more of the specifics of the problem and let the message recipient know what steps should be taken next. This will enable those in charge to be aware that there is something wrong even when away from the office, and will also let them know who they should contact to arrange for the emergency to be taken care of as well as what steps have already been taken by the system.

Contacting the Authorities

Depending upon the nature of the emergency, the emergency response system may go ahead and contact the police, fire department, ambulance services, or any other emergency services provider that would be equipped to deal with the particular situation. This can make things much easier for the on-site manager who is attempting to coordinate employee response to the emergency as it will be one less step that they have to take in order to get everything under control. In many cases the emergency response system will make this call as a form of "silent alarm", so that in the case of a hostile situation or panicking employees the addition of alarms or an audible notification system won't make things worse than they already are.

Mass E-Mail and Information Distribution

A useful feature of many emergency response systems is the ability to send out a mass e-mail to all employees and anyone else who is on a designated list to let them know the specifics of the situation as well as the steps which have been taken thus far in order to get the emergency situation under control. It may be possible with certain emergency response systems to follow this up with a recorded telephone message as well, for those individuals who do not have access to their e-mail or who may not be prone to check it often. Both e-mail and telephone messages can be updated as needed or re-sent at set intervals until a response is received or the emergency situation has passed in order to ensure that the proper information has been distributed to everyone who needed to have it.