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Businesses these days are susceptible to increasing dangers at the  workplace with potential hazard surrounding the work environment. Telcom & Data offers Emergency Notification Systems to put you in peace of mind about your safety at the workplace. First and foremost, Telcom & Data would like to ensure you the consumer that your business is our #1 priority and its success is our ongoing goal. Protecting your business and employees is only one way we can further provide assistance to your business.

We offer the perfect solutions in times of crisis that are revolutionary products that can instantly warn thousands of any potential hazards at the workplace. In times of crisis it is instrumental to have procedures in place to ensure the safety of your employees. Our AMS (Advanced Messaging Server) solution offered by Telcom & Data can deliver voice and text messages, as well as audio and visual alerts (Safepath module) in the matter of seconds. Alerting recipients home phone, cell phone, work phone, pager, email, and wireless PDA, this product provides comfort and security so you can continue business as usual. In order to provide accurate information, the Advanced Emergency Message Notification System provides a secure conference bridge, which with a single action, can call all of your first response team including security, police and fire to instantly collaborate on an emergency. Once the threat is better understood, a plan can be implemented and accurate information can be sent out to notify individuals of the threat.

The Safepath module offers the perfect compliment to the AMS (Advanced Messaging Server) by providing an emergency voice evacuation system throughout your facility, along with an equally important synchronized strobe system to ensure everyone is warned in a moment’s notice. The combination of these two products will ensure a safe & secure business environment.

  Emergency Notification for the Enterprise

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