Government Solutions

The government is the backbone of our nation, therefore it is imperative that we protect government officials and workers from terrorism, natural disasters, or other threats. In times of crisis, it is important to have a quick and efficient process to warn these officials of possible dangers in the work environment. Telcom & Data offers superior products to prevent disastrous outcomes that can harm what our nation is based upon.

When disaster strikes there is often little warning and seconds are precious. Telcom & Data can help you implement a system to limit risk, control damage, sustain operations and recover faster. Our revolutionary products can instantly warn thousands of any potential hazards at the workplace. These emergency notification systems send fast and accurate information through text message, voice messaging, email, as well as audio and visual alerts simultaneously. The Advanced Emergency Message Notification System provides a secure conference bridge, which with a single action, can call all of your first response team including security, police and fire to instantly collaborate on an emergency. Once the threat is better understood, a plan can be implemented and accurate information can be sent out to notify individuals of the threat.

Having a Crisis Management System can mean the difference between life and death. Find out how Telcom & Data can work with your team to develop a virtual situation room that can enable you manage a crisis remotely.

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