Military Solutions

In a disciplined environment it is crucial to have a systematic way to inform your personnel of any potential hazards in the field. To do this Telcom & Data offers multiple essential products because they allow your staff too quickly and efficiently notify recruits in times of crisis.

These emergency notification systems sends fast and accurate information through text message, voice messaging, email, as well as audio and visual alerts simultaneously. This product can alert thousands in a matter of seconds to alert them of any possible dangers. In the midst of danger, a couple of seconds may be the difference between life and death; therefore it is critical it execute a process that is time efficient. In order to provide accurate information, the Advanced Emergency Message Notification System provides a secure conference bridge, which with a single action, can call all of your first response team including security, police and fire to instantly collaborate on an emergency. Once the threat is better understood, a plan can be implemented and accurate information can be sent out to notify individuals of the threat. Individuals can be notified by text message, voice message, audio and visual alerts.

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