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Get a Free Emergency Notification System Design for your Business.  Cooper Wheelock, an industry leader in emergency notification systems is proud to introduce the Safepath Emergency Evacuation system. During an emergency situation, this mass notification system provides detailed instructions to safely guide people to building exits and during non-emergent times, it can be used for general pagging needs and to provide background music. This mass notification communication system is customized to meet your specifications and budgetary needs.

The Benefits

Safepath's emergency notification system comes standard with prerecorded messages that can also be customized to relay necessary safety information during emergency situations. This system is designed to provide paging, messaging, and background music capabilities and is able to tie into an existing fire alarm or act as a standalone evacuation system. Additionally, the Safepath system can be configured using wireless transmissions for outdoor or large-scaled areas. Safepath provides notification including Fire, Severe Weather, Chemical Leak, Active Shooter and more. 

Why you need it?

A Safepath system from Cooper Wheelock is designed for when seconds matter and meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard 1910.165 which requires employers to use an emergency notification system to provide timely warnings to aid in the safe escape of employees from the workplace, the immediate work area, or both.

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