Articles and Resources about Wheelock Emergency Notification Systems and Fire Alarms

  1. Telcom & Data Introduces Exceder LED Horn Strobes by Cooper Wheelock, the Industry’s first LED Notification Horn Strobe
    The patented LED technology provides the industry’s lowest electrical current draw. This results in best in class efficiency and provides material and system cost savings

  2. It’s School Safety Week: Protect Your School with Telcom & Data’s Safety Solutions
    As school safety week is recognized across the nation,Telcom & Data would like to participate by offering schools practical safety solutions.
  3. Telcom & Data Goes Green with Wheelock Emergency LED Strobes and Horns, Lowers Energy Consumption by up to 52%
    Wheelock LED strobes and horns are a technological breakthrough in emergency notification and fire safety. The Industry’s first LED design delivers outstanding energy efficiency, high performance, and modern aesthetics.
  4. Telcom & Data Introduces Exceder LED Horn Strobes by Cooper Wheelock, the Industry’s first LED Notification Horn Strobe 
    Be sure that fire safety equipment is up to date during these dry months. Exceder LED Horn Strobes provide high quality alerts while using the industry’s lowest electrical draw.
  5. Northland Fire Protection Partners with Telcom & Data to Start Providing Safepath Emergency Evacuation Systems, An Effective Tool in Crisis Situations 
    Northland Fire Protection is excited to add Safepath to their line of fire safety products as this system provides optimal emergency preparedness for fires and other crisis situations.
  6. Telcom & Data Introduces Wheelock SAFEPATH® SP40S Emergency Evacuation System, An Effective Office Tool to Protect Employees from Severe Weather Threats 
    On Sunday May 19, residents of Wichita, Kansas were able to find shelter from a threatening tornado because of an effective warning system. A Wheelock SAFEPATH® SP40S Emergency Evacuation System gives employees the same type of warning to alert them of a crisis situation.
  7. Improve Customer Service at Your Auto Repair Shop with a Wheelock Loud Phone Ringer 
    If you work at an auto repair shop, you know how noisy the garage can be. I’m sure you have experienced missing a customer call because you were working on a car.
  8. Telcom & Data Introduces Wheelock’s Loud Phone Ringer, Helping Businesses Never Miss a Customer Call 
    Wheelock’s UTA-1 loud telephone alert system is durable and built to last. The ringer is vital for customer communication in loud industrial environments.
  9. Telcom & Data Introduces Cooper/Wheelock SafePath Alarm System for Emergency Evacuations of Industrial and Office Buildings 
    Installing a SafePath Emergency Evacuation System Keeps Employees Safe and Reduces Corporate Liabilities.
  10. Telcom & Data Introduces Cooper MEDC Fire Alarm for Offshore Drilling Rigs 
    Cooper’s SM87BG manual fire alarm meets stringent standards for offshore environments. The unit is both weatherproof and explosion-proof
  11. Telcom & Data Introduces World’s First High Fidelity Speaker Strobes For Mass Notification
    Wheelock’s Series EH Speakers and Speaker Strobes are now available at Telcom & Data. The speakers feature the widest frequency range in the industry, delivering superior message clarity and comprehension.
  12. Telcom & Data Reintroduces Motor Bell from Wheelock to Emergency Notification Products
    MB Series motor bells from Wheelock are commonly used as a school bell or as a fire bell in military buildings and public settings. All motor bells are UL listed for Fire Protective Service and provide a high sound output with low power consumption
  13. New Line of VoIP Paging, Intercom, Loud Ringer and IP Strobe Products Work With Any Premised Base or Hosted IP Phone System
    Businesses installing VoIP Phone systems frequently run into integration issues with peripheral devices such as phone paging, intercoms, loud phone ringers and analog TDM connections. Telcom & Data has announced it has signed an agreement to distribute CyberData’s new innovative SIP-enabled IP Paging and Two-way Communication/Access Control devices that are PoE.
  14. Wheelock’s New Exceder Fire Alarm Public Safety Signals Deliver Powerful Evacuation Messaging
    The Wheelock® Exceder™ fire alarm horns strobes feature a sleek modern design that will please building owners with reduced total cost of ownership.
  15. Customer Service Jobs Available at Milwaukee Telecommunications Company
    Passionate people looking for work look here!
  16. Protecting Employees and Surrounding Areas from Ammonia Leaks
    Ammonia Monitoring Systems provides emergency message notification and evacuation to employees and surrounding areas.
  17. A Single Source for Thousands of Telecommunications Products and Solution
    Tired of having to shop and research for telecommunications products and services? This easy to use site delivers a vast array of telecom manufacturers, products and services.
  18. Telcom & Data launches new location in Milwaukee
    Telcom & Data, announces its new location in Milwaukee. T&D finds Milwaukee a city of growth and innovation and is looking forward revitalizing the local economy by opening a new location in September of this year.
  19. How to Connect a Loud Bell or Alerting Device to your Phone
    Using ringing voltage to connect loud bells and other alerting devices to your phones so you don't miss another important call.
  20. Telcom Data Receives 2009 Best of Chicago Award
    Telcom Data has been selected for the 2009 Best of Chicago Award in the Telephone Equipment & Systems category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).
  21. How These Green Technologies Cut Your Fuel Costs and Improve Productivity
    Green Office technologies helps reduce your companies carbon foot print as well as attract and retain employees.
  22. Business Phone System “Fail Safe Routing” Can Prevent Financial Losses
    A disaster recovery plan can keep businesses operating even in the event of widespread power outages, transportation strikes, or natural disasters. Business telephone systems can be backed up and distributed to remote locations.
  23. Benefits of Using an Emergency Response System
    Automatically send out a message to the telephones, cellular phones, and pagers of those who should be the first to be informed of the situation that is developing.
  24. New Emergency Notification Systems for College and University Campuses Available
    Telcom Data has recently rolled out two new emergency notification systems for college and university campuses. The Advanced Messaging Server (AMS) and the SAFEPATH SP40/S allow for one-step notification in the event of an emergency.